Physiotherapy with Children

Physiotherapy focuses on movement and aims to improve quality of life through health promotion and disease prevention, disability and disease management, and acute care and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy involves the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of movement disorders to restore or improve function of multiple body systems. 


Pediatric physiotherapists incorporate principles of growth and development into treatment to promote participation in functional activities at home, school, and in the community. 


At Playful Strides Therapy Inc, physiotherapy uses a child-led, play-based approach to address concerns with postural control and alignment which can lead to difficulties with: (PT)

We emphasize the goals identified by families by supporting new motor skills, correcting and/or restoring current skills.

When a child is referred to Physiotherapy, the first step is always a 1-hour assessment. At the end of the assessment the treatment pathway is agreed upon by the family and therapist.  This includes the focus, the length and number of appointments to begin intervention. 


Models of treatment are flexible and can include one or more of the following: