About Us


Welcome to our Child Friendly Clinic

Playful Strides Therapy is a specialized clinic that provides innovative Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy services to children and their families.  Established in 2014 as a small home-visiting and in-home clinic, the organization has since expanded in its third and current location which offers specialized sensory, motor feeding treatment and group spaces. The clinic caters to over 1000 families with the aim of enabling them to perform optimally in their daily activities.

Who we do it for

Family Focused

Recognizing the challenges faced by families, Playful Strides Therapy seeks to provide a safe and engaging environment that is inclusive to all.  To this end, the clinic adheres to several guiding principles, including celebration of individuality, the utilization of diverse communication tools, a recognition of the valuable expertise of families collaboration in setting therapy goals, evidence-based interventions informed by relevant clinical knowledge and research, and a focus on education and connection in promoting positive outcomes.


Individual Treatment Focus

Playful Strides Therapy’s philosophy is grounded in respecting and valuing every child and family for who they are and that interventions are to be tailored to their unique strengths and challenges.  By prioritizing collaboration, client centeredness and evidence-led practice, the clinic seeks to facilitate positive outcomes for all its clients.

Why Choose Us?

Personalized Care That You Can Depend On

Experienced Practitioners

Our Therapists have a variety of skills and expertise. Therapist/child connections are to ensure the best fit for effective intervention.

Personalized Treatment

Each family is provided with a treatment plan that follows Playful Strides Therapy’s guiding principles.

Quality and Safety

Evidenced-led activities are provided in a healthy and maintained therapy space.

Immediate Service

Our Focus on timely intervention

Do You Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Both Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy are healthcare fields.  Occupational Therapy focuses on activities you do every day and the underlying skills of self care, school participation and play.  Physiotherapy focuses on building and maintaining the skills  you need to move and play by working on underlying skills (balance, strength & flexibility).

We do not require a prescription for treatment, but some insurance plans do require this prior to the assessment.  Please check with your Employee Health Insurance Plan.

For all individual and parent/child groups, a consistent parent/caregiver is encouraged to attend and participate.

To maintain clean floors, we require either indoor shoes or no shoes in the clinic spaces. Please either bring indoor shoes or socks to wear in the clinic space. For all sessions please dress your child in  clothes that your child can easily move in.

We have a parking lot and street parking available.  There is no cost to park in either place.

This is a special time for your child and yourself.  Siblings will not be in the therapy sessions unless this is built into their treatment plan. .  At times siblings are present and wait in the playful waiting area.We do not provide childcare or supervision for children not in session.

We encourage families to take notes, record or take pictures of the work we do together.  This supports practice at home. We ask that this is the only use of the phones in the session.  We typically do not use technology for distraction in sessions.

A therapy treatment plan based on your identified goals will be provided as part of your assessment.  If you require a formal report for school or other services, one can be provided at an additional cost.  This information needs to be provided at the time of booking.